Covenants are set up to assist residents in preventing potential conflicts between neighbors. the two most common complaints are excessive noise and disregard for private property. Please contact your neighbors directly if you have a concern - we all want our neighborhood to be a friendly, warm area to congregate.

Dogs are to be kept on a leash and not allowed to bark for more than five minutes at a time. If your dog is an outside dog, it is your responsibility to train the dog to not bark continuously. All pets must be licensed annually with the City of Shawnee. See the Directory for more information.

Many construction projects you might do on your home, including installation of fences or other outside structures, will require approval by the Architectural Review Committee. Please review the covenants and check with the ARC before you begin construction.

Both the city and the homes association have restrictions on parking trucks, trailers, boats, motor homes and like vehicles for more than 24 hours. Please review the Directory or contact the City of Shawnee for more information.

The use of mini-bikes and certain motorized off-road vehichles may not be legal when operated on a city street - please contact the Shawnee police department to be sure you and your children are not in violation and that they are following safety guidelines.